Microsoft: Bitcoin again accepted as a payment option :

 Microsoft customers could no longer make payments in bitcoin, and this for more than two weeks already. But we just learned that it was finally a small break since the service "crypto" is available again ...

"Bitcoin is back"
Microsoft is one of the first companies to adopt cryptocurrency among online payment methods, it was in 2014 with the help of BitPay. But after having long offered this service, the American firm has decided to deprive its customers of purchase by digital currency, much to the chagrin of bitcoiners.

However, they have not been disappointed for a long time since Microsoft has just reinstated Bitcoin on its site. As a result, customers of the US giant can once again pay for their Microsoft branded products through the Queen of Cryptocurrencies.

As with the withdrawal of the payment method which was done in all discretion, the company has once again made no official statement about this restoration, leaving the customers to discover the good news by themselves.

It was only temporary
Someone from Microsoft, however, wanted to talk about this return of Bitcoin home, stating:

"We restored bitcoin as a payment option in our store after working with our supplier to ensure that low bitcoin payments could be refunded to our customers. "

This statement appears to partially confirm the information relayed by the technical support Bleeping Computer, according to which the removal of Bitcoin would be due to the instability of the digital currency.

The Bitcoin network is indeed facing scalability problems resulting in excessive transaction costs for small purchases. Bitcoiners are forced to pay even higher fees if they wish to prioritize their transactions, in order to minimize the time of confirmation. It is also because of this problem of high fees and slow transactions that Steam has decided to end the purchase of video games by cryptocurrency on their platform. These difficulties, coupled with the high volatility of Bitcoin, would have temporarily put an end to him.

But unlike Steam, we can again pay bitcoins at Microsoft, and all suggests that it was ultimately only a temporary suspension of the payment option. Microsoft fans have already been affected by the same situation in 2015 and 2016.