Michael Novogratz prepares the first digital asset bank "Galaxy Digital Holdings" :

 The reputation of Bitcoin continues to grow, so much so that financial devices and instruments related to digital currency are increasing day by day. This time it is the famous billionaire, which has relayed more than one prophecy, which is the initiative of what will be perhaps the first bank dedicated only to cryptocurrencies.

A cryptos bank signed Novogratz
You've probably heard of ATM Bitcoin, these next-gen vending machines that are born around the world, or these shops "Bitcoin Change" like the one in Tel Aviv, Israel. This time, it is a merchant bank entirely dedicated to cryptocurrency that is about to see the light of day. This first cryptos bank will be called Galaxy Digital Holdings, an idea of ​​Galaxy Investment Partner boss Michael Novogratz.

The information was revealed by a source at Bloomberg, who in turn asserts that the finance mogul will attempt to create "a crypto Goldman Sachs version." To achieve his goal, Michael Novogratz decided to put all his "cryptographic" fortune in the project, about 400 million dollars. In addition to this, he would consider in the wake of a fundraising worth $ 200 million through a wallet company.

A partnership with First Corner and Bradmer
For his ambitious project, the one who often prophesies on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency has joined forces with two other companies, First Coin Capital Corp. and Bradmer Pharmaceuticals Inc., which is based in Toronto, Canada, has just confirmed, through a press release, the merger of the three companies to form Galaxy Digital Holdings together.

"The series of operations contemplated in the Letter of Intent is for Galaxy Digital and First Coin to partner to form a Galaxy Digital Operating Partnership to be managed by Galaxy Digital executives. As part of the proposed transaction, Bradmer, which will own a minority stake in Galaxy Digital, is expected to change its name to "Galaxy Digital Holdings". Bradmer Pharmaceuticals

In the absence of a turnaround, Galaxy Digital Holdings will be the first ever crypto merchant bank to commercialize digital assets and offer separate trading and asset management activities. It should be noted that the shares of this groundbreaking bank will be listed on the TSX Venture Exchange of Canada.