Dash invests 350,000 $ in blockchain research :

Dash remains 100% invested in the development of blockchain technology. The proof, the Dash team just spent 350 000 dollars in research dedicated to this technology.

Dash reinforces its support for the Blockchain Research Lab
The blockchain has become an essential element in the development of the digital world. Thanks to its various strengths, this innovative technology is now at the center of all eyes, some companies do not hesitate to adopt it while others try to deepen it.

This is the case of Dash, the organization behind the eponymous cryptocurrency, which decided in 2017 to set up a dedicated research laboratory, in collaboration with Arizona State University (ASU). Dash is in fact on this project to the point of injecting new funds, of the order of 350 000 dollars.

Proud to see Dash reaffirm its commitment to ASU, the director of the laboratory Blockchain Research Lab (CASCADE), Dragan Boscovic, did not hesitate to admit publicly:

"The ASU is excited about this initiative and is ready to play its part in creating a powerful blockchain research and innovation environment for young talent to develop practical blockchain applications. "

Details about this sponsorship
The $ 350,000 provided by Dash will be evenly split between scholarship funding ($ 100,000), blockchain online courses ($ 100,000), and the remaining $ 100,000 and $ 50,000. will be intended respectively for the CASCADE and Luminosity laboratories.

For Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor, their blockchain research project is beneficial for both parties. 

 Mr. Taylor said:

"This is a remarkable partnership, precisely because both parties will benefit greatly from close collaboration. Dash has an independent knowledge of how we can improve our plans to move to a very large number of transactions. ASU will benefit from access to one of the most innovative teams in the digital currency industry. "

What is hoped now is that this Dash investment in blockchain research will lead to an improvement in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, such as the fluidification of transactions.