Bitcoin Cash: update Bitcoin ABC before the "Change The Address Day" :

 The year ended well for Bitcoin Cash which was added to Coinbase - following which the platform was accused of insider trading. This new year also seems to be starting well for Bitcoin Cash which is finally in the process of solving its problem of public address, which bothered both users of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Explanations.

Back to the problem of mixing addresses
Last year, the crypto planet experienced a historic event, namely the hard fork of the bitcoin blockchain on August 1, which gave birth to a contender for the title of leader of the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin Cash. speak in our "2017 Retrospective").

While this hard fork is supposed to improve the network, a problem persists for a while causing the loss of funds from Bitcoin Cash users. Since the latter has inherited the same address format as Bitcoin, it often happens that a Bitcoin Cash holder accidentally sends money to an address in the other currency's (BTC) channel. This problem has become more and more common and many users have temporarily or permanently lost their assets.

The solution is (finally) there

Since the emergence of this problem, developers of Bitcoin ABC software are on the bridge and are trying to find a solution to the problem. The main developer - Amaury Sechet - explained in November that the team was working on a new address format called "CashAddr".

The latter is indeed in the finalization phase since the team has just released the update Bitcoin ABC software, version 0.16.2 which already includes the famous CashAddr. Although the day "Change the Address" is scheduled for January 14, this update of the software seems to be a foretaste of what awaits us in about ten days.

Bitcoin ABC 0.16.2 and code bech32
The new Bitcoin ABC software update has many improvements over the previous version. But the most interesting is probably the code bech32 which will be used mainly to avoid confusions at the addresses of digital portfolios. This famous bech32 associated with the new address system will allow among other things the creation of QR code with ease, or the addition of smart contracts multisig.