Bitcoin : another drop of 14% of its value, under $ 12,000 :

Bitcoin continues to fall sharply and is now slipping below $ 12,000, while other cryptocurrencies have even more severe setbacks.

Since the coup that immediately followed a historic record that brought him to the doors of 20 000 dollars, Bitcoin struggles to recover from the various threats of increased regulation and warnings from banking institutions regularly recalling its highly volatile and speculative nature .

bitcoinsFor the entire year 2017, the course has experienced a very strong boost allowing it to quickly recover from adverse ads and hacking platforms trading.

But since the braking December, the course of Bitcoin struggling to recover and experiencing severe setbacks that recoveries do not manage to erase completely.

The price of Bitcon has just suddenly dropped by 14%, bringing its value below $ 12,000, with the fear of severe regulation in South Korea, which could then spread to other countries. .

Since its peak in mid-December, Bitcoin saw its market cap retreat of 125 billion dollars. But it was worth only $ 1000 a year ago ...

The crisis of confidence on Bitcoin affects at the same time other cryptocurrencies less visible but which have achieved disheveling progressions in recent quarters.

The Ripple lost 26% of its value in the space of one day, while the Ethereum lost 19% in the same amount of time.