Australia: Bitcoin, Ether and Dash will be accepted at Brisbane Airport :

Some banks in the world may criticize them, even prophesying their end, but cryptocurrencies are indeed ubiquitous in our world today. The proof, we can even soon use them in airports like Brisbane.

Cryptos invite themselves to the land of Kangaroos
Many of us may wonder, what can we do with our cryptocurrencies today? There are more and more possibilities, like buying a coffee, buying a product from Microsoft and even buying a new car.

Cryptocurrencies in general are becoming more and more common currency, and this has probably prompted the Brisbane International Airport (Australia) to adopt them.

The BNE is indeed about to accept the use of digital currencies throughout the airport. More specifically, people who pass through the terminals of the airport will be able to spend their cryptocurrency in different shops, cafes and restaurants where different digital currencies are now accepted. In addition to Bitcoin, travelers can also pay for their purchases in Ether or Dash.

A partnership with TravelbyBit
Excerpt from the Brisbane Airport statement:

"Travelers will soon be able to use TravelbyBit's cryptocurrency payment system, which accepts Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum and other digital currencies, for dinner and shopping in stores. "

According to the release, the integration of cryptocurrency payment throughout the airport is possible thanks to this crypto system, TravelbyBit, which has the mission to promote Bitcoin and others to travelers.

The one who is in charge of the strategy and development of BNE, Roel Hellemons, explained the initiative, stating:

"Many people around the world have made money by investing in cryptocurrencies and many of these people are traveling abroad, so it makes sense to offer a digital currency experience in our terminals. "

This is news that will certainly please bitcoiners who pass through Australia, but that will surely not appeal to local banks, which is remembered have a tooth against cryptocurrencies.