US: Surprise rebound in existing home sales in November :

Sales of existing homes (much larger than the number of new homes sold) posted a strong increase of 5.6% in November against 0.9% anticipated and 2.4% previously.

On a year-over-year basis, there were 5.81 million units sold in November, compared to 5.54 million previously and 5.5 million previously.

The median price of real estate sales is $ 248,000. Up 5.8% year-on-year. Not to mention the rising rates that strongly increase the purchase price of your home. If you borrow these 248 000 Dollars at the rate of 3% over 15 years, it will be necessary to repay in addition 60 000 Euros in interest ...

This surprise rise in the number of existing homes sold may mean that Americans realize that we should not be too slow to buy as rates go back to high speed. Thank you the Fed ...

But all this does not prevent the Euro from rising against the Dollar on the forex.