A Japanese firm paid its employees in bitcoin :

A Japanese online services company will soon offer its employees to be partially paid bitcoin, to better understand this virtual currency, told AFP Friday a spokesman for the company.
GMO Internet, which offers various services on the internet, including its own bitcoin exchange platform since May, will give from next February to its approximately 4,000 employees in Japan the opportunity to collect up to 100,000 yen from their monthly pay ( nearly 756 euros) in Bitcoin, explained this spokeswoman.

Volunteers should receive fractions of bitcoin each month: because the most famous cryptocurrency has seen a record rise in recent weeks and was worth about $ 17,050 per unit Friday, according to data compiled by Bloomberg, against less than $ 1,000 at the beginning of the year.

"We hope to improve our own knowledge of virtual currency by using it really," added the GMO Internet spokesperson.

The group will also launch next month in the activity of "mining" bitcoin, consisting of contributing to the creation of the currency by aggregating coded and authenticated blocks of digital transactions (principle of the "blockchain"). In exchange the "minors" are paid in bitcoin.

Bitcoin remains for the moment essentially a speculative value, very little used in the exchange of goods and services.