The co-founder of finds Bitcoin "unusable" and sells all his fortune :

Emil Oldenburg, co-founder of the popular platform, has sold all his Bitcoins, deemed "virtually useless", to prefer Bitcoin Cash. In his eyes, this transition is inevitable for lovers of cryptocurrency.

The continued rise in the value of Bitcoin - which recently broke the $ 10,000 mark - is not only happy. Emil Oldenburg, co-founder of, a crypto-currency reference site visited every month by more than 15 million Internet users, has surprised more than one user by opting for a radical approach.

Judging the motto "virtually useless" at this point, he preferred to sell all his Bitcoins, as he explains to Swedish media Breakit: "[Bitcoin] is the riskiest investment you can make. [...] I [sold everything] to switch to Bitcoin Cash. "

In his eyes, the significant transaction costs, as well as the delays of validation of the operations in question, are two major obstacles in the use of this particularly popular virtual currency - tackled broadly and crosswise in the last issue of Club Internet.