Retrospective 2017: the highlights of the crypto universe :

The year 2017 was marked by many twists and turns on the crypto planet, ranging from the creation of new currencies to the launch of derivatives, to cybercrimes of all kinds, not to mention the record price increases ... Before celebrating the New Year 2018, let's go back to the most significant events of this year.

ICO in strength
This year was especially marked by the folly of the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) during the first semester. Despite difficult times such as the ban coming from China, fundraising in cryptocurrencies got off to a good start and helped raise astronomical sums.

The hard fork Bitcoin Cash
As bitcoin transactions became increasingly slow, it was imperative for some of them to perform a hard fork of the blockchain on August 1st, with the result of a new currency, Bitcoin Cash. Faster thanks to a block size of 8 MB, BCH transactions were not numerous during the first months, before exploding in number towards the end of the year. Bitcoin Cash has meanwhile made its appearance on the largest trading platforms to mention only Coinbase, an entry that has caused a surge in the price up to $ 3,800. However, the alternative currency is mixed up with a case of insider trading concerning precisely his arrival on Coinbase.

Segwit2x, programmed then canceled
If there is a rebound that has surprised everyone, it is the one related to Segwit2x. While the whole crypto planet was waiting for this new hard fork in mid-November after that of Bitcoin Cash, this unfortunately did not happen. The huge craze around Segwit2x, however, caused the soaring price of Bitcoin Cash, especially after the cancellation of the project. Be careful, however, the announcement of the return of the Segwit2x which looks like a SCAM.

The famous "Parity Fail" bug
Piracy and cybercrimes have raged in recent months in the world of cryptocurrency. But the incident that has most marked is undoubtedly the "Parity Fail". As a reminder, the Ethereum Parity portfolio has "accidentally" suffered the freezing of all Parity multisig wallets, for a total of about 510 000 ETH. Seeking at all costs a solution, developers at Parity have found a way to recover frozen funds from users: a hard fork. Will it be happening soon? We do not know ...

Bitcoin Futures land
The month of December 2017 was marked by a historic event for cryptocurrencies, namely the listing of Bitcoin. The CBOE and CME Group markets have successively launched their respective Bitcoin futures, and this has only boosted the popularity of digital currency. Since the appearance of the first Futures, the value of the BTC has skyrocketed until reaching the $ 20,000 mark. A real record! (To know more about the futures contract)

The race for Bitcoin ETFs
But the IPO of Bitcoin futures has especially increased tenfold the enthusiasm of traders of funds traded on the stock exchange and those cryptocurrency operators, most of whom want to launch derivatives. Among them are the Winklevoss brothers, REX Shares LLC and Van Eck Associates, the NYSE Arca platform, and the CBOE. All have filed applications to launch ETF Bitcoin with the SEC, and the Chicago Stock Exchange even plans to launch six at the same time. It remains to be seen who will be entitled to the first approval.

The ascent of altcoins
Bitcoin certainly dominated the cryptocurrency market, but the altcoins were not left out, especially at the end of 2017. The proof, some of them like Litecoin saw their values ​​doubled or even tripled, while others, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash, are growing in popularity on famous platforms (Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters Eikon), or on trading platforms such as Coinbase or the bank. online Swissquote. Will these alternative currencies ever come to shake up the supremacy of Bitcoin?

The Nicehash case
There has certainly been a lot of good news on the crypto planet, but we have also had some difficult times like what happened in Nicehash. The cloud mining company was robbed of more than $ 60 million in bitcoin in early December, which caused the temporary closure of the platform that is recalled was founded in 2014. The good news is that Nicehash managed to get up despite this tragedy, and even plans to pay the users victims of this theft. A beautiful initiative!

Mining or "treasure hunt"
To end our overview of the universe of cryptocurrency, difficult to ignore the trend of this year: mining. As cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more value, many companies are tackling mining like GMO Internet is ready to invest more than $ 3 billion in a European mining center. Meanwhile, other "small" malignant amuse themselves to create mining "malware" that aim to take advantage of the computers of others without their knowledge to harvest digital currencies, mainly Monero.