was still $ 20,000 at the beginning of the week, he just dipped and reached $ 11,000 in the space of four days.

A Bitcoin is worth $ 11,000. Seen like that, it does not seem alarming. But when you know that at the beginning of the week it was still worth $ 20,000, it represents a drop of 45%! We can then speak of a real crash.

It must be said that cryptocurrency is the victim of intense speculation. As its value increased, more individuals were interested in investing in Bitcoin while this virtual currency was still unknown to the general public three years ago. The yield being very attractive, everyone wanted to take advantage of his flight.

For their part, the regulators have alerted that this speculative runaway could explode the bubble. And therefore, to ruin the people who had rushed into investments. As a reminder, Bitcoin has no legal tender and does not provide legal protection for investors in case of theft. As an economist recalls in the columns of Le Monde, trading volumes are low. In fact, 1000 people own 40% of the stock. This means that if some of these people sell Bitcoins, the price may be destabilized.

Another factor is the piracy of Youbit, a South Korean cryptocurrency trading platform that led to its closure after theft of 17% of its assets. An event that has scared many investors and reminds them that if Bitcoin transactions are protected and tamper-proof, the virtual wallets that store the cryptocurrency can be stolen!

Finally, the US financial regulator suspended the listing of Crypto, another cryptocurrency exchange platform suspected of manipulating prices. As much to tell you that it must cool all those who rushed to Bitcoin and cool others who thought to skip the pace.


On the banks side, we are very reluctant. Unlike the dollar or the euro, banks no longer play the role of traditional intermediary in financial transactions. Banks believe that there is a lack of transparency in setting the price of Bitcoin. The governor of the Bank of Japan had also estimated that the jump of Bitcoin was abnormal. The European Central Bank and the US Federal Reserve had also raised fears. Finally, the Central Bank of Singapore had asked investors to act with extreme caution.

 As a reminder, this crash Bitcoin is the fifth in its history, but the most violent. It remains to be seen if the fall of the course will continue. Not easy to say but nothing says that the currency is skyrocketing in the coming days. Some analysts do not exclude a rise in its value in the short term.