GBP / USD: The Book Still Uncertain in its Consolidation Triangle :

GBP / USD is still moving in its consolidation triangle with a slight bearish bias.

Indeed, after peaking at 1.3550, GBP / USD is moving below a downtrend line, while finding support at 1.3300 on the downside.

This forms a consolidation triangle, which theoretically according to the graphical analysis should be more likely to break down, or on the horizontal side.

If this materializes, we could find the area of 1.3220 / 1.3200 at first.

Conversely, in case of exit from the top, we could find the summits of 1.3550.

Beyond the graphic and technical considerations, the next movement of the book could also depend on the forthcoming announcements surrounding the Brexit negotiations.

Indeed, while negotiators have made good progress lately, new challenges are still to be met.

GBP / USD is currently trading at 1.3355 on Forex.