EUR / USD: Euro Dollar eases upside pressures pending this afternoon's publications :

The EUR / USD slows its rise and consolidates pending the publication of this afternoon.

Indeed, after the acceleration of the day before, EUR / USD found a resistance in the area of ​​1.1930.

However, the folds remain limited above the 1.1880 support.

It is therefore the consolidation that prevails for the moment, with a bullish bias as we move above the support area of ​​1.1880 / 1.1860.

A continuation of the movement in the direction of 1.1960 seems still possible in intraday, but it will then break above to fetch a new important zone of resistance towards 1.1980 / 1.2000.

Conversely, if the pair finds it difficult to progress further, it will be necessary to monitor the support area of ​​1.1880 / 1.1860, while a break below will weaken the pair, with the risk of falling towards the previous 1.1825 / support. 1.1800.

Also note the short-term bullish channel, whose lower limit can also offer support in the area of ​​1.1840 currently.

On the economic calendar we will follow this afternoon the PMI Markit US manufacturing, before the largest ISM manufacturing that could create volatility, with a possible break of the range of 1.1860 / 1.1930 to the key.

The EUR / USD is currently trading at 1.1900 on Forex.