EUR / USD: Dollar Relaps with Trump News and Pushes the Pair Up Before the Weekly Closing :

The EUR / USD is back on the Forex after finding support towards 1.1850.

Like yesterday, the Dollar is undergoing bearish pressure at the end of the session and is pushing EUR / USD higher.

However, unlike yesterday, today we have a clear catalyst behind this movement.

Indeed, according to ABC, Flynn is preparing to testify against President Trump in the case of discussions with Russia in the elections.

The media reports that Michael Flynn has promised full cooperation, and is ready to certify that as a candidate, Donald Trump has asked him to contact the Russians.

This lowers the stock markets and the Dollar on the Forex.

After finding support in the 1.1850 area, EUR / USD is quickly backing up to 1.1930 resistance following the news.

A break above would put in the peak of 1.1960, before the strong resistance of 1.1980 / 1.2000.

On the downside, we still have this 1.1880 / 1.1860 support zone that will have to be broken in order to relaunch the EUR / USD downtrend towards 1.1825 / 1.1800.

The EUR / USD is currently trading at 1.1922 on Forex.