eToro 2018 :

EToro is a relatively new but rapidly growing brokerage firm with more than 5,000,000 active traders in 140 countries. Unlike the vast majority of brokers, eToro aims to entertain its customers, while educating them to prepare them for the difficult and stressful atmosphere of trading.

Nervousness and discomfort are common characteristics to any beginner, since the vast majority of new traders have little knowledge, understanding or experience in this tremendous activity that is forex trading. Different types of analysis, continuous newsfeeds, charts and indicators can be very confusing and intimidating for beginners. This is why eToro aims to tackle all these issues thanks to its user-friendly platform that adopts an innovative trading attitude.

The eToro broker is part of the American company Tradonomi LLC. EToro's P.D.G is Mr. Yoni Asia (visible on this picture) and this broker is not on the AMF's black list. It is registered with the Cysec under license n ° 109/10. Its head office is based in Cyprus. In addition to being in compliance with French law through their license, which ensures all traders an undisputed guarantee in case of disputes, eToro does not forget the security of your customer data.

The entire platform is secure with SSL protocol, which prevents any attempt to steal your information from malicious external users. The other very clear aspect to eToro is that it clearly informs all their users that all data you communicate to them is strictly private and will never be used for commercial purposes as do unregulated and badly honest brokers who rip off their Customers. Hence the interest of always choosing a regulated broker. That's why eToro is really great on that side.

EToro social trading as opposed to more traditional or conventional financial trading like BDSwiss or Anyoption, uses the techniques and tools of social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. The general news item is content from users, with the possibility of likening content and comments.

Yes, you can interact with the author of a publication. All this, wonderfully well combined with the universe of finance, makes the eToro trading platform your best ally in success. Thanks to eToro, you are no longer the only one in command. You have with you the cream of traders to help you make money.

The eToro social trading platform operates on the principle of transparency. It allows users to track and copy other users in their trading activity. While defining your own trade amount (which may be different from the trader you are copying).

This means that the eToro platform allows you to see the advice pro traders provide to other users, view their trading profile and check their history to make sure they earn much more often than they lose. Be sure to surround yourself as the best traders.

But above all, you can over time become a respected trader of all by making you, too, copy by other users who will see you as a talented trader. Just like on social networks, you can add friends to your profile to track or copy them and also make you add friends to be tracked or copied into your activity.

Of course, if you do not want to share your trading information with others, you have the option to keep them deprived. You are really the only master on board on eToro.

You have to know that if you accept to play the transparency game and show your statistics to other traders to give them the opportunity to copy you, eToro will reward you with a bonus. This means that the more people you follow and copy you, the more you can earn money without doing anything. This is why traders on this eToro platform have every interest in advising you favorably and always having good trading statistics to be copied by as many people as possible in order to earn more money.

Users of the eToro platform appreciate the ease of use and the speed at which it generates profits. Simply copy the right trader. The second aspect that pleases for this broker is the mobile application. Thanks to it you will be on the lookout for the right info at the right time that will bring you big from anywhere, on smartphone or tablet.

What is well thought out by eToro on their mobile app is the many features unique to trading. For example, the app includes an option that prevents your phone from switching to standby. It's simply awesome when you need to follow the evolution of a curve without being obliged to re-light the screen without stopping.

Rich with a community of more than 5 million active people, opportunities to earn a lot of money through other traders but also through your own trading strategies are very numerous and within reach of all.