CAC 40: The Paris index falls sharply at the opening, the bearish reversal suggested yesterday is confirmed :

The Cac40 falls sharply this morning, confirming the bearish bias that began to appear yesterday

The ACC has indeed scored for the moment a dip on the 5322 for now, against 5378 at the close last night.

Recall that the pair had failed yesterday to score new heights within the upward channel visible since 15/11, which was a first warning signal. The pair then made a decisive break under the low end of the channel, below the MM100 and below the threshold of 5400 points.

After some hesitation with the MM200h and facing the threshold of 5375, the ACC accelerates its frankly this morning, after breaking new key thresholds (5375 and MM200h).

At this point, the next credible support is on the 5300, but given the speed of the fall this morning, caution remains.

Currently, the CAC 40 is evolving around 5330 points.