Bitcoin picks up 10% after falling from last week :

Bitcoin continued its recovery in weak trade on Tuesday, rising about 10% to recover somewhat from its worst weekly performance since 2013 charged last week.

The largest and best known cryptocurrency plunged at a time of 30% Friday to hit a low at 11,159.93 dollars on the trading platform Bitstamp, based in Luxembourg.

Around 07:35 GMT, it advanced 10.2% to 15,330.01.

Bitcoin has increased 20 times since the beginning of the year, from less than $ 1,000 to $ 19,666 on Bitstamp and more than $ 20,000 on other trading platforms.

While some analysts and investors believe that the correction last week was natural after the surge that preceded it, market regulators and central bankers multiply warnings.

The president of the Israeli Financial Regulatory Authority (ISA) announced on Monday that it would propose to ban listing on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange companies based on bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Bitcoin, on which futures are now available, is not a threat to financial stability, UK and US monetary and financial officials said last week.

France said it would ask the G20 presidency to hold a summit debate in April 2018 on the regulation of bitcoin, described by critics as speculative bubble about to explode.