Bamboo shot on the bitcoin! :

Investors in bitcoin, and more generally in cryptocurrency, must have the heart well hooked ... They could once again check it last night when the price of bitcoin suddenly dropped by nearly 15 % to fall below $ 16,000, before rising slightly.

New piracy in Korea
The announcement of a new piracy of the South Korean trading platform Youbit that cost him 17% of its assets, and forced him to suspend its activities and to declare bankrupt, seems to be in danger. origin of these massive sales.

The pirates have not been identified but according to an expert quoted by Reuters the attack has similarities with a previous one that has been attributed to North Korea ...

Coinbase goes to cash bitcoin
Another announcement also explains the "bamboo strike" suffered by bitcoin tonight ... Coinbase, one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms in the United States, has indeed announced that the bitcoin cash was now negotiable on its base.

The latter is a sort of bitcoin clone, resulting from the splitting of part of the bitcoin community. He flew away following this information while the bitcoin won ...

An expected consolidation
"A short-term fix was definitely a possibility," Thomas Glucksmann, head of marketing at Gatecoin in Hong Kong, told Bloomberg, "I think we'll see a recovery by the end of the week. only see this as short-term volatility that we all expect anyway. "