The McDonald's share gains 25% (May-2017), the Credit Suisse buyer of the stock :

If you are an amateur investor or are looking for stocks to invest in, McDonalds is one of the strongly rising stocks. Many analysts and professional investors who practice on behalf of big banks are buyers of the McDonalds stock and you can do the same.

McDonald's share gains 24.8% in 2017
Looking at the stock chart for the McDonalds share ($ MCD) listed below from eToro's trading platform, it is clear that the price of the stock is strongly oriented to The rise in recent months and it is even at its highest historical level. The observation is simple, McDonalds shares for the moment allowed investors who hold it in portfolio to generate profits in 2017. How much profit? The answer depends on the sums of money invested by each one on this security but to be precise, the share has realized a consequent increase in value of around 25% since from January 1, 2017 to date (a little more Of 6 months) its price has risen from $ 121.35 to $ 151.5, so an investor could have achieved 24.8% of profit by being a buyer in this market in the last 6 months.

It is not too late to take advantage of the McDonalds title and this may be the beginning of a long upward trend. Moreover, professional traders and analysts are buyers of McDonalds shares, for example Credit Suisse is buying the stock with a target of $ 165. Financial analyst Gregory Frankfurt from investment bank Merrill Lynch is also a buyer, he has increased his price target in this market from $ 165 to $ 175 while stock price is only 153 $ At the moment. In other words, you can still benefit from the rise of this title according to professional investors!