The 3 types of trading with the eToro broker :

The eToro forex broker is one of the leaders in the online trading industry. This broker offers the opportunity to invest in the financial markets in different ways, as explained below.

Forex Trading and Financial Markets
The eToro forex broker allows you to practice trading by yourself in the same way as any other forex broker allows. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediary or a trader, eToro will suit us perfectly. The graphs of the different financial markets that can be visualized on the eToro mail trading platform are totally customizable and can be loaded with a host of technical indicators and thus technical analysis. Graphic figures which indicate possible turnaround of the market.

Social Trading
This is a major feature of the eToro broker and it is for this type of trading that it is reputed. Over the years, the eToro broker has developed its social trading platform and has become the benchmark in this field. Through the social trading platform of the eToro broker it is indeed possible to practice social trading, in other words, to copy the investments of other traders.

Obviously to take advantage of social trading and earn money without knowing anything about it in the financial markets, it is necessary to make an intelligent selection of traders to copy (see video). Though watching the statistics of traders before thinking of copying their investments is absolutely advisable in order to maximize its chances of success by avoiding copying bad traders.

The CopyFunds
This is the third form of investment that the eToro broker offers investors. In fact the copyfunds is not social trading but that is what one could roughly equate to investment within investment funds. On the platform of eToro are indeed available several funds (whose performances are based on investments of markets or people) on which it is possible to invest. Performance can be very interesting on this third type of investment, to realize it is enough to observe the background GainersQtr or the background BigTech having reported 17% in 4 months to investors.