Here's why eToro is better than a simple forex broker :

Etoro is an excellent web trading platform, ie it does not require installation on the computer and can be launched via an internet browser from any device. Notebooks, laptops, iPad, tablet, iPhone, smartphone, no matter, eToro has no limit and can be used as you see fit. The eToro broker allows you to practice trading on your own, but also offers the ability to track and copy the investments of other traders. It is this other type of trading that strongly contributed to eToro's growth in the market. Forex brokers industry. Even if one subtracts the social aspect from the eToro broker, it would still remain an excellent forex broker for beginners and experienced traders.

The concept of social trading introduced for private investors allows anyone to take part in the financial markets without having knowledge specific to them. The online trading platform "OpenBook" has proved popular among traders from all horizons as it allows them to benefit from the knowledge of others and to easily diversify their investments.

Traders that can be copied are called "Gurus", they offer their know-how to investors who can copy them and profit from this activity by being paid by the eToro broker. Etoro is an investment platform like a social network and everyone can benefit from it (broker, gurus and copiers). In the same vein, the eToro broker allows to invest in funds, which is what is called "CopyFunds" on the platform, it is investment on funds of action or people.

Note that forex is not the only type of market offered for trading or investing by eToro, it is also possible to speculate on stock indices, stocks, commodities, metals, shares or The cryptodevises through this broker.