Forex : Forex weather forecasts from May 29 to June 2, 2017 :

GBP-USD pair
This week, the pound sterling picks up against the US dollar. If the pair had difficulty progressing until Wednesday, it then gained enough pips to finish well above its Monday levels.

USD-CAD pair
The US dollar has a good week compared to its Canadian counterpart. After two days of decline, the pair has grown significantly to this day. However, the current trend seems to be on the decline.

EUR-GBP pair
The euro posted a good performance against the pound sterling this week. If the rise has not been continuous, it is still enough for the pair to finish well above its levels last Monday.

USD-JPY pair
Until yesterday, the USD dollar was the perfect week against the Japanese yen but since then, the pair has literally plunged. It has lost nearly 200 pips in just a few hours today.

EUR-JPY pair
The euro realized a good week compared to the Japanese yen. The pair has, in fact, made much progress over the past five days, although the trend is currently strongly bearish.

EUR-USD pair
The euro also posted a good performance this week against the US dollar. The pair fence, indeed, well above its levels last Monday and the trend seems even more topical.

AUD-USD pair
The Australian dollar began well the week compared to its American counterpart, progressing by about fifty pips. Unfortunately, the Australian currency has failed to confirm and has begun to decline. In the end, the pair finishes at the same levels as last Monday.

EUR-CHF pair
Wrong week of the euro against the Swiss franc. Overall, the pair has retreated but in recent hours, the trend has accelerated considerably. The pair has, in fact, yielded nearly 200 pips in a very short time.