Amazon stock close to 1,000 $, here's how to invest in June 2017 :

The Amazon e-commerce giant's action is about to reach 1,000 $ worth and this price level promises to be a potential investment opportunity for traders and investors.995 $ specifically on this market.

As you probably know, the psychology of round numbers exists in the financial markets and this concept can be applied to so many financial markets. Highly used in forex and stock market indices, round numbers also apply to the equity market. In addition to being round, this number that is " 1,000 $" is "big", then what can we deduce? And although it's very simple, usually these price levels ending with "00" tend to be seen as targets, market targets, they stimulate purchases (or sales) as soon as they are reached by the course , It is therefore of great interest to look at the case of the Amazon stock, which is no more than two fingers of the symbolic price level of 1,000 $.