The broker Etoro, one of the most influential start-ups ? :

Etoro is a broker that offers to speculate on the financial markets through CFD's investment products. It provides traders with a complete trading platform that allows them to invest by themselves, but also and above all to practice social trading. This type of trading has been largely propelled by the eToro broker since 2008 which has become the benchmark in this matter, through social trading financial investment is facilitated and accessible to the world's largest. Copying the investments of other traders on hundreds of financial markets is possible thanks to eToro which acts as a simple intermediary, transparent and above all regulated by the financial authorities.

Etoro, in the top 100 of the most influential start-ups of 2016
360Leaders specializes in innovation, development and research for technology companies, assisting them to optimize their business. This company operates for high-growth companies and many multinationals around the world, such as BBC, Facebook and Telefonica. In other words, 360Leaders has mastered the subject of start-ups and notices a company that has potential when it sees one. 360Leaders has ranked the most influential 100 FinTech (start-ups) of 2016 (according to it) and figure out that the eToro broker is part of this list.

One of the 10 start-ups to be monitored according to CNBC
According to the American news channel CNBC, the broker Etoro would even appear in the 10 start-ups to monitor, in the sense that the company eToro shows a certain innovation in the financial field and dominates its sector largely.