The Best Hours To Trade Forex :

The foreign exchange market has the peculiarity of virtually never closing. It is, in fact, open from Sunday evening to Friday evening, without interruption. Volatility, however, is not the same throughout the week. Some periods are more conducive to profits than others. Let's look at it in more detail.

Generally, it is considered that there are three major trading sessions, Asia, Europe and the United States and two recovery periods, Asia / Europe and Europe / United States. Recovery periods are preferred for volatility lovers such as scalpers. On the other hand, they should be avoided for traders preferring to negotiate trends.

Concretely, if you are considering trading the EUR-USD pair or the GBP-USD pair then you will have to tarnish between 2 pm and 5 pm because that is when they will experience the most movement. This is because the important economic announcements concerning the USD dollar are made on this time slot. It is also the first hours of quotations of the place of New York.
If you negotiate the Australian dollar or the Japanese yen, then it's between 1 am and 7 am that you have to trade. The economic publications of these parities take place during the night.
These different currency pairs can, of course, be negotiated at other times of the day, but it is during these periods that they are most profitable.

If your flexibility is limited, you have another activity preventing you from trading at the best times the assets that interest you, or other, then privilege the time slot 14h / 17h. It is, indeed, at this time that the volume of transaction is the most important.