Making money on the foreign exchange market :

Forex is a market in which very lucrative operations can be carried out. This will require intelligence and strategies to optimize trading gains.

The foreign exchange market is very similar to stock markets, simply, instead of manipulating stock market values, one handles the value of one currency against another currency such as USD dollar, euro, pound, Japanese yen, etc. .
Unlike the stock market, you can on the forex, trading up an asset or falling. In other words, you can place purchase orders or sales orders at any time.

Concretely, considering that the EUR-USD, the most traded pair on the foreign exchange market, is worth 1.0629 then 1 euro equals 1 dollar and 6 cents. You return a few days later to the markets and the pair is worth 1.1248. If you invested when the pair was worth 1.0629 and you closed when it was worth 1.1248 then you realize a profit on the difference between the two courses. Conversely, if you bought while the price was high and sold when it was low, then you record a loss.

To hope to find each other on the right side of the barrier, it is imperative to develop a trading strategy that works and follow it at all costs. You will be in a better position to determine the trend that a particular pair of currencies will take and therefore to invest in the right direction. If, in the end, a majority of your positions turn out to be winners, or your earnings largely offset your losses, then you will start making profits and increasing the size of your starting capital.