Forex weather forecasts for May 22-26, 2017 :

GBP-USD pair

Bad sterling week against the US dollar. The pair has, indeed, engaged in a bearish trend on Monday, a trend that it still retains today and which has become more pronounced.

USD-CAD pair

After falling earlier this week, the USD had picked up against its Canadian counterpart. It is, however, unable to confirm since the pair is still on a downtrend at this time.

EUR-GBP pair

The euro is doing well this week compared to the pound sterling. The pair has, in fact, made much progress over the last five days and the trend still seems to be on course.

USD-JPY pair

The US dollar had begun well during the week, gaining ground against the Japanese yen but it completely cracked in passing the entire previous gains. Currently, the trend seems to be on the rise again.

EUR-JPY pair

Until yesterday, the euro was the perfect week against the Japanese yen. The pair had only progressed. However, it lost all of these gains and much more on Thursday alone.

EUR-USD pair

The euro ends the week as it started against the US dollar, wrong. The pair has, in fact, fluctuated upward and downward in recent days but it is ultimately the USD dollar that wins the game.

AUD-USD pair

Sawtooth week between US and Australian dollars. In the end, it is, nevertheless, the greenback that is imposed with a pair below its levels last Monday.

EUR-CHF pair

The range of amplitude remains narrow between the euro and the Swiss franc but it is as often the Swiss currency that eventually prevail in the end this week. Currently, however, the trend appears to be.