5 activities that are not related to trading but that can help to be a better trader :

Perpetually improving his trading skills does not necessarily mean spending his days in front of a computer screen revising his courses and graphics. You can, in fact, improve your trading performance by doing other activities that are not related to trading but that can help make you better.


Yoga seeks a form of balance between mind and body. When you practice yoga regularly, it becomes easier to clear your mind from outside noises to focus on what your body says. These skills can be useful in forex trading to filter out market noises for example or create an effective trading log.

The sport

In addition to providing better blood circulation that helps to think and react more quickly, sport also promotes competitiveness, discipline, physical preparation and patience. The sports activities also make it possible to understand that one does not always win. All these skills are excellent for negotiating on the financial markets.


No matter which book you choose, reading is always a rewarding activity. This explains how others think and how they express themselves. To the extent that this stimulates the mind, it is easy to understand how this activity can help forex traders.


From time to time, it is good to get out of its trading space and simply forget about this activity for a while. Starting from home, you will feed your brain. When you come back, you will have a step back on your practices and be more able to identify new models, strategies, etc.

Discussions with other traders

It is not because trading is an individual activity that you have to stay in your bubble and never get out. To become better, it is, indeed, good to exchange, to confront with other people practicing financial trading.

All these activities play a beneficial role in the brain of the human being. By practicing them, not only will you live better, but you will also unlock certain areas that could make your trading performance improve.