When to trade the FOREX ? :

When to trade the FOREX ? :

Unlike the stock market, the FOREX market is open 24 hours a day! To accomplish this "feat", four scholarships take place (London, New York, Tokyo, Sydney). Bearing schedules are available in the following table: 

It should be noted that not all scholarships are solicited on the same scale. Indeed some are more active than others.

The most active stock exchanges
The most active stock exchange of all is that of London. On the other hand, when two exchanges overlap, their volumes of trade add up.

The higher the activity, the more volatile the market. These are the contexts that traders prefer because they are the ones that provide the most fluctuations and therefore the most opportunities to carry out interesting transactions.

The most volatile slots
The most demanded slots are therefore those where the London Stock Exchange is open and where at the same time another stock exchange is active. In French time, the slot 8h-9h represents the overlap between the Tokyo and London stock exchanges. The 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm slot represents the overlap between the London and New York stock exchanges. These are the slots that are the most active and volatile periods of the Forex market.

However, it is also possible to trade currencies at any time, although the market offers less impressive opportunities overall outside these periods.