What trading hardware does it take to get started ? :

If you start trading, you're still not sure what hardware you need. If the material does not make the trader, it contributes substantially. Good equipment in good working order is a guarantee of success.

1. Computer and Internet connection

First of all, to start trading you have to have a computer and a fast internet connection like ADSL. Ideally your computer should have a powerful processor, high RAM and a large screen size of at least 20 inches. Today, trading platforms provide you with all the tools you need to analyze the market. However, in order to optimize your understanding of these tools, the size of the screen becomes a very important element for the trader.

Many traders use two or more screens to improve decision-making and visibility on each trader. They use one or two screens to follow the courses and others to do the respective technical and fundamental analyzes. It may also be interesting to opt for a two-screen (or more) trading station but the average cost of such equipment is close to 2000 euros.

The size and resolution of the screens are also fundamental elements for trading. These elements optimize the management of positions and reduce the fatigue of an activity such as trading. In order to improve your performance in the marketplace and your stress management, it is also recommended to have a very comfortable office chair (yes, it is a factor not to be neglected), given the The amount of time a trader sits in front of his screens.

As far as internet connection is concerned, it must be fast enough to allow you to react effectively. This point is very important for traders.

2. Excel or a Financial Calculator

In trading, before taking a position on the market, it is necessary to make several calculations. Among the most important are the level of acceptable loss, the profit target and the spread, among others. To make these calculations, you must have a powerful tool at your disposal. A financial calculator or Excel software will generally be preferred, depending on the sophistication of the operations to be performed.

3. Trading log

Finally, it is recommended to keep a history of your transactions so that you can analyze and test your strategy continuously. Normally, most trading platforms include this option. However, in order to guard against a technical failure, a school notebook always does the trick and will allow you, with a few pencil strokes, to keep a trading log that you can consult at any time and even take with you In transportation if you opt for a small notebook.