What is Forex? :

What is FOREX?
Have you ever traveled abroad? So you've probably already taken your first step into the Forex market. Indeed, when you change the currency at the airport or the station (ie a change of currency against another), then this one takes place on the Forex market.

What does "FOREX" mean?
FOREX is the contraction of "FOREIGN EXCHANGE" and is the universally used term to designate the foreign exchange market on which currencies are exchanged against one another, at rates that change constantly (for example the euro Against the dollar).

Indeed, exchange rates, or quotations, vary continuously depending on supply and demand and the economic climate. This global market is the second largest market in the world behind interest rates. It sees every day passing nearly 3000 billion euros, which is much more important than the stock market (the stock market).

Forex Market Criteria
This market is reputed to be the most liquid market in the world. Its intense volatility, and its proximity to everyday life (since it is the author of the rates of exchange between currencies) makes it a particularly endearing and exciting market.

Recently, it is possible for any individual to trade currencies online, taking part in this market on specialized trading platforms. Note that before, only banks and large financial institutions could afford it because the minimum investment was in the order of $ 10 million!

Now trading platforms, called forex brokers, can offer accounts accessible to small investors and speculators like us. In addition, the volatility and leverage offered make it a particularly lucrative market for any skilled or experienced person.

The FOREX allows to exchange all the currencies to the world. Some are more popular, and the most traded are in order the dollar, the euro, the yen then the pound sterling.