UFX 2017 :

UFX Markets or UFX is a Forex broker based in Limassol, Cyprus. He is one of the oldest online brokers on the market, which earned him a global recognition in the sector. This being so, UFXMarkets is not among the most popular brokers and, moreover, the criticisms concerning it are not necessarily positive.

UFXMarkets offers a wide range of assets to be traded, the complete list of which can be accessed directly on the website. It includes the shares of big companies like Apple, BNP Paribas, Disney, or Facebook; Currency pairs such as EUR / USD or GBP / USD; Raw materials such as gold or oil; Indices such as DAX 30 or Nasdaq, as well as ETFs. The broker offers exclusively the MetaTrader 4 platform for the realization of the trades. It is possible to trade on computer as on mobile devices. Here is nothing surprising, it must offer the same services as the leaders.

UFX accepts the majority of the common means of payment in trading. The broker does not take any commission on the transactions but levies a 50$ fee for inactive accounts for 6 months. The account can be charged from $ 50, while the minimum withdrawal is 70$.

Transactions on UFXMarkets are exclusively in US dollars. UFXMarkets allows you to charge fees if you do not use your account. A burden for a broker who often did not meet the demand of his clients. Sanctioning the silence when he is the expert of the mutism, UFXMakets clearly shows us that our money interests him.

The regulation of UFX Markets compels him to respect strict rules of safety. The entire portal is protected, in particular, via an SSL encryption system, and before granting any payment, the broker team performs account authentication. Traders at UFX are also reassured about securing their money. The funds of each trader are placed in independent accounts. So much for regulation ... in reality your funds are so well secured that withdrawal becomes impossible, thank you UFX.