There is no shortcut to make money on the financial markets :

Doing forex trading and making money is obviously possible, you can even make money quickly, for example in scalping. However, scalping involves risking an invalid by capital and thus reaping a tiny profit (sometimes lower than the risk taken), accumulating small profits and the goal of traders who practice scalping. Apart from this short-term trading style, it is ridiculous to think of becoming a millionaire of forex trading in a very short time.

Indeed, there is no shortcut to achieve success in forex trading. The successful lift does not exist, a trader must show a minimum of seriousness and have his feet on the ground, he is aware that the profitability is built in the long term and that one does not May not get rich on the financial markets in a finger snapping, he knows that one can get rich in Forex but slowly.

Applying a martingale, believing in technical indicators or miracle trading strategies, "magic" formulas, or the Holy Grail, are irrational behaviors that simply risk you come to a cramage of account.

If you want to stay in this business and become part of the 10% of winning traders, it is absolutely necessary to go into trading as if you were embarking on a new profession. One does not become a doctor overnight, nor even a lawyer, for that one must study. In trading, it's the same thing, you can not get into trading and generate thousands of euros of profit during its first month of business, no. An apprentice trader must study trading courses, take a training course in order to acquire the basics of the trade, technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Once knowledge is gained, it is advisable for the trader to practice on a demo trading account before investing his money at a forex broker and experience an experience actually involving capital in the financial markets.

The different stages to achieve success in forex trading can not be skipped, there is no shortcut to move from the total beginner stage to the profitable experienced trader stage. The secret to making money on the financial markets is to study them seriously and to persevere, no miracle technical indicator in the world will allow you to be profitable, so it is useless to waste time trying out thousands of ' Technical indicators which in the end may not bring you much.