The Ethereum at its highest level, invest now? :

The Ethereum is increasingly talking about it. This cryptodevise is taking a lot of value in the financial markets and many traders are considering every day to include this market in their portfolio. We note that a lot of investors buy this market, especially on the eToro social trading network, via the messages posted by the traders on the page dedicated to this market.

The Ethereum at its highest
Currently, the Ethereum oscillates close to its highest historical price level of $ 54. Many experts expect the Ethereum to reproduce the Bitcoin's performance, from a few cents worth to several hundred dollars, or even $ 1,000. Only a few months ago, the Ethereum was worth only a few dollars, it's now worth $ 54, as we've seen recently, Ethereum took 400% worth in just 10 weeks, which is all Simply incredible.

A simple trading strategy to position itself on the rise in this market would be the break-up of the historic high ($ 54). Obviously, it is advisable not to position yourself randomly on this market, one can for example study its graph on schedule or 4 hours (above) and wait for an explosion of resistance and Bollinger Bands Just after the price range) to position itself to the purchase (with a stoploss located on the last one down).