Scalping or how to generate profits in minutes in forex trading :

 Scalping in the Forex market is a very short term trading form, it is a trading style in its own right. A trader who practices scalping is called a "scalper" or "scalper", he opens operations that span a relatively short period of time, from a few seconds to a few minutes. A trader who makes scaping seek with this way of operating in the markets to accumulate small profits per trade that will potentially bring to a large overall profit on a large amount of repeated trades during one or more trading sessions .

In scalping, the profit realized by trade can be of only a few pips, as soon as the trader has profitable the spread levied by his forex broker on his trade and that it is in profit of 1 to 10 pips it will often leave the market, This is called scalping, take his profit quickly and move on to the next operation.

To make scraping in the Forex market one must be able to choose the moments of high volatility and the currency pairs that lend themselves most to this type of trading. Many scalpers particularly appreciate the markets in range, they play the rebounds of the course made on the terminals that delimit the range in progress. Traders also turn to currency pairs such as EUR / USD, GBP / USD or USD / JPY with a low spread, which allows them to profit from them and move into the profit phase faster.

In addition to having an effective trading strategy, scalping requires a lot of dedication as well as a great control of his emotions. Indeed, scalping usually involves adrenaline, stress and a lot of psychological pressure as all the action happens relatively quickly.

Nowadays the majority of forex brokers make it possible to practice scalping without any worry. It is important to choose a low spread broker as we mentioned earlier but which also has a fast and stable trading platform. One of the best brokers to practice scalping is undoubtedly the FxPro broker, its cTrader trading platform offers currency pairs from spread 0!