OANDA 2017 :

OANDA is a multi-faceted financial service provider not only serving as a forex broker, but also for many other financial investments, transactions and OANDA converter. While the many offerings of the company may arouse the interest of some traders, those who are looking for a simple Forex trading experience can quickly get distracted by the breadth of services, tools and information present on The site.

In the course of writing our opinion on OANDA fx, we have tried to dissociate the company's valuable Forex trading services from the range of complementary services provided by OANDA, including hedging transactions and the OANDA currency converter. We have seen beyond all the marketing hype and valued the pure value of the OANDA Forex trading company's services, and hopefully this will help you make the right decision regarding this unusual Forex broker.

 Features :

OANDA has some notable features that help improve the Forex trading experience. A unique feature offered by OANDA fx is its trading application from your desktop, which essentially creates a shortcut through which you can instantly access your OANDA Forex account. This function requires Java to work.

Another feature we found useful in our opinion about Oanda is the ability to create your own "options boxes" in real time. In other words, OANDA fx allows you to mark your own indicators on your trading charts so that you can easily track your Forex currency pairs to determine your next maneuver. Similarly, OANDA's "Exchange Rate Ticker" widget allows users of both the real-world version and the demo version of OANDA Forex to be kept up-to-date on real-time exchange rates for up to twenty currency pairs .

Finally, OANDA fx offers a range of useful trading tools. During our study of OANDA, we found OANDA currency converter, available in more than 10 languages, being the most useful, although not quite unique. In addition to the above services, OANDA Forex offers FXLabs, the Oanda Forex laboratory, in which new tools developed by OANDA Forex can be used by users, allowing them to take advantage of an advanced trading experience. Among the OANDA fx tools are the flow of live information, graphs, comparisons and historical data for different currencies. Also available is an FXManager platform for brokers trading for customers, and the FXContest platform that allows users to compare their performance to the relative successes of other users.