Investing in financial markets without knowledge via social trading :

Interest in investing in forex trading has grown strongly in recent years and around the world. Many people want to invest in the financial markets but they do not necessarily know what to do, which often leads to their loss. Indeed, beginner traders think that it is very easy to make money, so they launch without knowledge hoping to generate profits in the financial markets. Without knowledge it is not possible to continue in the markets and the speculative operations will generally lead to financial losses.

If a newbie who discovers trading has no knowledge and does not want to learn the basics of trading, be it lack of time or for any other reason, there is however a solution that will allow him to trade without anything To know, it is social trading. This concept allows any beginner to copy the investments of experienced traders and this carton on the internet in recent years. The undisputed leader in this field is the eToro broker, its trading platform is the OpenBook and it is full of thousands of traders around the world whose investments can be copied for free.

Trading is far from simple, so why do not we take advantage of the expertise of skilled traders to take advantage of the financial markets? Copying other traders and social trading is particularly useful if you want to invest and we do not have a strategy or experience in the financial markets. Thanks to a trading platform like eToro it is possible to allocate funds on the profile of one or several traders and to automatically copy the operations carried out by this or these traders. An investor who starts and who does not wish to learn forex trading by himself or who seek to generate profits before launching himself into the markets can therefore do social trading, it simply boils down to studying the statistics of traders And to select the profiles to be copied which appear the most serious and the most profitable.

The advantages of social trading are numerous:

- No need to analyze markets
- No need to trade
- Take advantage of the knowledge of expert traders
- Does not require trading experience
- No Charge
- Accessible to small capital (eToro trading account from 200 €)

The only disadvantage of this type of investment is that we do not control the speculative operations taken by traders, hence the importance of knowing how to analyze and correctly select the profiles of traders to copy.