How to earn money at FOREX? :

We will see how the FOREX market is a market that can prove extremely lucrative over very short periods. This requires being smart and using strategies to optimize earnings.

Roughly the Forex market is like the stock market. But instead of manipulating stock market values, we will manipulate the value of one currency against another, such as the euro, dollars, or pound sterling.

Another difference with the stock market, one can speculate on the market of the Forex to the BASSE as to the RISE. That is to say that one can place orders of purchase or sale at any time.

Let's take a concrete example. Let us now admit the price of the euro against the dollar (which is called EUR USD in the jargon) is 1.30. This means that 1 euro equals 1 dollar and 30 cents.

A few days later the course has evolved and is now worth 1.40.

If you had opened a purchase order when the price was 1.30 and you had to close your position when it was 1.40, then you generated a profit of the difference of the two.

On the other hand if you bought when the price was high, and sold when it was low, well you would then suffered a loss of the difference of the two.


If you manipulate currencies without strategy you will (over the long term) win once in two, and lose once in two. Overall There would be no interest.

Forex Trading
On the other hand if you learn the strings of Forex and you are able to detect if the price of a currency parity is more likely to rise or fall, then you will be able to open and close positions, buyers or Sellers, at the appropriate times. You will then be able to generate substantial profits and make your capital grow, and consequently gain in forex.