Here's how to do forex trading and take advantage of money markets :

Forex trading is simply buying and selling currencies at different rates, in order to generate capital gains. Imagine for a moment that the euro (EUR) against the dollar (USD) has a value of 1.0450 on the market, in other words, the EUR / USD currency pair is 1.0450, the dollar rate For one euro. (1 eur, $ 1.0450). If we decide to buy this currency pair (because it is in a bullish trend for example) then we buy the euro against the dollar, so it is the euro that takes value against the dollar Loses when the trend is bullish overall.

By buying the EUR / USD currency pair at 1.0450 and reselling it to 1.0455 a few minutes later, for example, our prediction will prove to be accurate and we would have made a profit of 5 pips. This profit expressed in euros or in dollars will depend on the amount of money that has been invested in the market, in other words the batch size used. All these transactions of buying and selling currencies are carried out through a forex broker, its role is to be the intermediary between the traders and the markets.

All this to say that exchange rates are constantly changing and that investment opportunities (even in the very short term) are plentiful in the Forex market. With knowledge in technical analysis and fundamental analysis, especially acquired through trading training, a trader will be able to detect when to buy and when to sell a particular market and generate profits accordingly.

The great thing about all this is that forex trading requires very few prerequisites. A computer and an internet connection is all you need to get started in trading, not to mention a regulated forex broker and an initial investment. However do not be afraid, the world of forex trading is the democratization of financial investment and access to financial markets from a few hundred euros only (eg 200 € minimum deposit with the eToro forex broker.