Here are the kind of traders whose copying investments on Etoro :

There is no need to be endowed with important knowledge in financial markets to think about speculating on the courses of these markets. One may very well not know much about it or even know nothing about it at all and take apart the financial investment. This is possible through social trading, also called "CopyTrading". However, some common sense rules are necessary, one of the most important of these is the selection of traders to copy, so we must logically identify profitable traders who will maximize our chances of being profitable to our market. .

Positive and growing performance charts
As you probably know, the eToro forex broker allows you to copy other traders, in addition to trading and buying and selling financial markets by yourself. By clicking on the "people" tab of the eToro trading platform, traders that can be copied to the social trading network are presented to us, we can even use the trades that corresponds to our Expectations Eg depending on risk profile, performance, number of copiers, etc.).
One of the tricks to use if you want to copy a trader is to first select only those whose result curve is increasing and therefore means a positive and regular return in the long term. The example of the woron2008 trader whose performance is shown in the chart above is speaking and rather encouraging for an investor. We note that compared to $ 10,000, a trading account that would have copied this trader would have risen to $ 20,516 within a year or a performance of just over 100%!

It is this kind of profitable trader who will decide to study the trading statistics in order to decide whether or not we will include it in our portfolio. Obviously, copying a single trader is not advisable, it is necessary to diversify its portfolio and copy the investments of different traders.

Practice social trading with eToro
Etoro is an excellent broker to practice trading and social trading, and is the leader of this industry and it is one of the forex brokers most recommended for years. Opening an account eToro is a real opportunity, it is to have the chance to invest without knowing anything about it to the financial markets and through a regulated broker.