Forex Trading: 3 Tips to Develop Self-discipline :

Forex trading is an activity that requires a lot of discipline. Indeed, not only must the trader respect his trading plan but he must also keep a constant eye on the prices of the courses. To achieve this, experienced traders apply what is called self-discipline.

Self-discipline corresponds to a mental technique that allows one to redirect one's attention to the object of one's goal (or desire) when the latter conflicts with another element of one's mental environment. In other words, it is a question of developing a mental framework enabling us to remain motivated and concentrated in case of conflict or error. This implies being able to get rid of any negative element when trading in financial markets.

Self-discipline is not especially something innate, with a little practice and following the three tips that we give you below, you could acquire it.

Keep the end in mind
The first step to becoming a more disciplined trader is to set a clear goal. There are times when you will be discouraged but having eyes fixed on prices will probably prevent you from losing feet. Do not be too greedy about your goals because not only will not you reach them but in addition, it could be morally detrimental.
Keep in mind that your goal must have two characteristics: being clear and achievable. For example, you could earn 1% per week or a 60% success rate.

Focus your attention on what needs to be done
Once your goal is set, you will have already taken a step towards self-discipline and can direct your attention to what needs to be done to achieve it. For example, if you opt for the adage "let winnings run and cut losses" then you will need to focus on the notion of stop loss. If your goal is too broad, you will lose a lot of energy by meditating on what you need to do, then you will become more vulnerable to your emotions.

Decrease negative waves
Now that your goals are set and you have taken steps to achieve them, it's time to monitor your progress. Know that it is easy to get lost in the meanders of market movements so it is important to keep track of your activities and track your trading statistics. You will then be able to go back on your trades, adjust your strategy and continue to keep a cool head if despite your good actions the results do not go in your direction.

You will understand that discipline is one of the main keys to the success of forex traders, so avoid ignoring this fundamental notion.