Discover eToro's trading tips :

Should we still present the eToro broker? With its estimated global trader community of over 6 million, its presence in financial markets for nearly ten years and its status as a leader in social trading, you probably already know it. In addition to the trading tools and services it offers to its clients, it also sometimes gives some tips for investing properly in the markets. Here are a few.

Start slowly

Most beginners of forex begin by negotiating several currency pairs at once and in the end, they fail to control their entire investment portfolio. Start smaller to increase your chances of success. As your experience increases you will see larger.

Preserve your capital

Without capital, a trader is nothing. Money is, in fact, the main tool of an investor's work so it is important to take care of it to preserve it at first and make it grow in a second. To achieve this, a solid money management system is needed.

Do not take your profits too fast

Most beginners make the mistake of closing positive trades too soon. They lose, as well, the profits that the pair could have registered for fear that the market will end up turning.

Do not let your positive trades turn into negative trades

If closing too soon its "in the money" positions is not very successful for capital, keeping a winning position online until it loses is also not very lucrative. To avoid this kind of disappointment, do not hesitate to secure your position with stop loss for example.

Follow Trading Experts

EToro has a community estimated at more than 6 million traders. If you land on the markets, you would be wrong to dispense with the experience of the disciplines of the discipline. In addition to eToro, there is a tool to copy the trades of the best, here is a good way to make a profit.

With these trading tips, eToro clearly shows that it is present for its customers and that at no time does it play against them. Another proof of professionalism for the broker!