Discover the eToro broker's interactive trading courses :

EToro, the broker to more than 6 million traders, offers its clients interactive trading courses to perfect their forex education. These courses are for beginners but also for those who are more experienced.

For beginners, five videos are on the program:
- The advantages of forex: Why has the foreign exchange market become the preferred market of financial investors?
- Basic terminology: Learn the forex jargon to be able to decipher the language of the pros.
- Order types: Learn how to negotiate intelligently using different types of order.
- Effective strategies: Observe what professionals do and learn effective strategies simply.
- Glossary of concepts: Forex is full of concepts of all kinds, thanks to this comprehensive glossary, they will have no secret for you.

For experienced traders, six videos are on the program:

- The world of international trading: Know the main factors that guide global markets as well as financial instruments to better understand them.
- Psychology of trading: Lesson that focuses on emotional intelligence, how to manage losses, earnings, detect the market atmosphere, etc.
- Capital management: Managing capital is fundamental so learn how to do it optimally.
- Market analysis: Discovery of technical analysis and fundamental analysis, their interest, their differences, etc.
- Basic technical analysis: Discover basic principles of technical analysis, price charts, types of trends, technical indicators, supports and resistances, etc.
- Advanced technical analysis: Presentation of an old Japanese technique developed in the 18th century and still very much used today.

The eToro interactive trading courses are very comprehensive, so we strongly advise you at to discover them. We are confident that they will be able to bring you new skills.