Differences between Mt4 and Mt5 trading platforms :

To negotiate on the foreign exchange market a trading platform is used which acts as an intermediary. The most popular among forex traders is undoubtedly the Mt4 platform, but there are others and especially the Mt5 platform.

Appearing on the financial markets five years after Mt4, Mt5 is, however, not an upgraded version of his sister. Indeed, it was designed not to carry out the same tasks more easily but to carry out others. Concretely, Mt5 was created to do what Mt4 did not know how to do.
The Mt5 trading platform has also been developed to trade on a different market than the forex. It is, in fact, less adapted to this particular environment. Also, unlike Mt4, Mt5 respects the American rule of coverage. So it has also been created to some extent to attract American markets.

The two elements mentioned above are the main differences between the Mt4 platform and the Mt5 platform, but there are others such as the programming language used, MQL5 versus MQL4. In practice, the programs written for Metatrader 4 do not work on Metatrader 5. It is therefore clear why moving from the oldest to the most recent is not necessarily an improvement.

You will have understood, to choose between Mt4 and Mt5 is mainly the financial market on which you want to evolve. Go for Mt4 if you are a forex lover and rather for Mt5 if you prefer the stock markets like the stock market.