BCSC (Canada) warning against binary options broker GTOptions :

There are a large number of brokers of binary options in the trading industry, for a large part of them they solicit individuals that are synonymous with potential investors. If there are tens and even hundreds of brokers at the moment, it is because binary options trading appears to individuals as a relatively simple way to speculate on the financial markets. However, the trading industry and the investment world do not attract only honest brokers, there are, unfortunately, a large number of brokers accused of investment scams, Warnings or warnings from financial regulators. Recently, it was the financial regulator BCSC (Canada) that issued an official notice to investors and against the binary options broker GToptions.

The broker GTOptions, a crook?
Many comments and negative feedback from traders who have been clients at the GToptions broker are posted on the internet and on the trading forums. Sometimes, traders are struggling to recover their money or encounter various and varied problems with this broker. Moreover, we removed GToptions from our binary options broker comparison some time ago, simply because this broker did not fit our ethics and given some traders' complaints. If GToptions is cautioned by the BCSC financial regulator it is because it does not have a financial regulator's license and therefore its activities are not considered to be in conformity with the texts of the local financial laws. The BCSC therefore invites investors to avoid the GToptions broker since it represents a potential risk of scam to investment.

Choosing a regulated broker to avoid scams
We will never repeat it enough, choosing a regulated broker is absolutely necessary in order to protect yourself from the risk of scam to investment. It is important to choose safe broker stocks in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. At Forexagone we advise traders interested in this type of product, StockPair binary options broker (of which the company has a CySEC license - Cyprus financial regulator, a European reference), this option broker Binary is serious and its activities are compliant texts of regulators. Note that StockPair has recently launched a new type of trading, the KIKO binary options and that a StockPair account opening is possible from only € 200.