5 Strategies Forex which have proven :

In the forex market, to succeed, it is important to have a good trading strategy. There are thousands of them, but they do not all produce the same results.
If you have the opportunity to create yours, according to your profile and your experience, we offer you five, commonly used by forex traders and which have proved their worth.


The "Blade Runner" strategy

The "Blade Runner" strategy is suitable for all currency pairs in the foreign exchange market and at all time scales. It is based on a strategy of crossing the exponential moving average and on a trend monitoring strategy.

The strategy of the Fibonacci pivot every day

The Fibonacci pivot strategy is based on the combination of retracements and extensions of Fibonacci on all graphical scales of daily, weekly and annual pivots.

Forex stochastic strategy

The dual stochastic strategy of the forex is based on using a fast and slow stochastic at the same time to capture the areas where the course of a currency pair follows a trend.

The Bolly Band Bounce Strategy

The strategy of the Bolly Band Bounce is ideal for markets that trade in an interval like forex. It also works very well with the confirmation signals.

The London Hammer Strategy

The London Hammer strategy is used when the price of a currency pair moves strongly in one direction or is tipped over from a support or resistance zone.

These five strategies will yield positive results, do not hesitate to deepen them and discover others.