4 steps to learn how to handle forex losses :

Losing is as important as gaining in forex trading. The foreign exchange market is what is called a zero-sum game. Someone is, indeed, inevitably on the other side of your trade then losing is simply a matter of time.
If this is fully part of trading, nobody likes to lose, be it beginners or professionals. To help you better manage these moments of doubt, here are 4 steps to follow.

Step 1: Denial
Often when one loses, one begins to be in denial. We refuse to believe that we are the cause of this disappointment and that its idea of ​​trading was probably not the right one, we are looking for excuses, etc. There is nothing wrong with this at first as it is a way to ease your ego, survive the loss and move on.

Step 2: Streamlining

Once the denial phase is over, you usually begin to rationalize a bit and look at its trading patterns. We then tend to cite all the relevant elements and we evidently miss out on what has sinned. In the end, we are always convinced that no mistake has been made.

Step 3: Depression

At this point you have already examined all the possible external reasons for your loss and you begin to look inward and consider that the loss is necessarily your action. Although it is reasonable to take responsibility for its loss, judging itself too hard can then hurt its forex career. All traders have already experienced this kind of feeling. If some continue to believe in it, others simply abandon it.

Step 4: Acceptance
During this stage, you begin to realize that it is unhealthy to overdo it if things go wrong. You have accepted that the loss is partly your fault but also that the foreign exchange market can sometimes simply be indomitable.
When you reach this stage, you accept that you can make mistakes, but in addition you can not control everything in the foreign exchange market.