Starting in forex trading with 200 € is possible :

The question of how much money to invest in forex trading or trading binary options often comes up, especially on specialized trading forums. Know that contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to have several thousand euros of capital if one wishes to engage in speculation in the financial markets. Even with 200 € one can very well start a career of trader in the financial markets and start to speculate in there generating profits.

The minimum deposits of forex brokers
The time when tens of thousands of euros were needed to consider investing in the financial markets has already been completed in recent years. To date, it is no longer necessary to be easy or strongly capitalized to consider trading. The arrival of forex brokers and the democratization of forex trading has accelerated greatly in recent years, thanks to the internet. The popularity of forex trading among individuals has increased greatly and for good reason, access to this type of trading is possible for all. Indeed, forex brokers allow to open trading accounts from usually 200 € (sometimes less), which leaves the chance to anyone to engage in the trading and try to profit from this activity of speculation on The financial markets.

However, please note that it is not because forex trading is the investment for all, that one must go headlong into this type of investment without knowing anything about it. With limited or no knowledge, yes, we can launch into social trading and in particular copy the best traders on the internet, but if we want to speculate by ourselves and spot buying and selling opportunities on different markets Financial then it is necessary to follow free trading courses or trader training. Studying trading intelligently will allow you to make rational investment decisions and maximize your chances of success in the financial markets.

How much money to invest in Forex?
One can invest from 200 € to 10.000 € or 20.000 € if desired. How much to invest in Forex depends on the financial situation of each, but also the experience of the trader. If you have € 10,000 in bank savings or less and you have a credit to pay back on a car for example, then it would not be very supposed to invest a capital of € 5,000 in forex trading . If we have € 50,000 in the bank, we have no debt, then we can decide to invest € 5,000 to € 10,000 without problems on the financial markets, but no more because investing 20/100 of its assets On financial markets remains reasonable. If you have very little savings but you have a stable professional position, then you can decide to invest between € 200 and € 1,000 on a trading account. The experience also plays, if it's a first time, then minimize the size of your first deposit at a forex broker in order to get you hand, once you are trained enough, invest more money If you feel like it.