Investing in the Ethereum, new cryptodevise, with Etoro :

Have you heard of Ethereum? It is a decentralized platform that can mainly be used to execute contracts and other applications that use blockchain technology. For example, Bitcoin is an application that uses this technology. As we already know, the Bitcoin is a secure and anonymous crypto-currency. The offer of Bitcoin is created by mining, a process that uses the capacity of computers. The Ethereum is a similar operation, miners earn here Ether which in addition to being a currency (such as the Bitcoin) can be used to pay for products and services in the Ethereum network.

Recently, the eToro forex broker, leader in social trading, incorporated Ethereum into its trading platform. Thus, investors can also invest on ETH and bet on ETH / USD. Many traders are already familiar with the virtual currency Bitcoin, Etoro has decided to add Ether to its trading instruments since this cryptodevise also seems very promising.

Moreover, by observing the course of the ETH below, it can be seen that this one has considerably gained value since its arrival in the financial markets. Between January 10, 2017 and March 27, 2017 (over a period of approximately two and a half months), the Ethereum increased from $ 10 to $ 50, representing a gain of 400% for investors holding this market in their portfolio and represents a capital gain that is simply enormous.

How far will ETH grow? Will this market reach the $ 1,000 as the Bitcoin? These are the questions that investors are asking and obviously many of them are willing to invest in the Ethereum. If you also want to invest in this market, it's simple: you just have to open an eToro account starting at just $ 200. Once an eToro customer, you will have access to the financial markets provided by eToro to traders, including the Ethereum.