Here's why trading with the eToro broker :

Etoro, this forex broker leader in social trading is very often recommended, but what makes the particularity of this broker, why does it like so much?

Etoro is much more than a simple forex broker that acts as an intermediary between traders and the market, it is also a place of exchange and sharing because it allows to practice social trading. By opening an eToro account, in addition to accessing a trading platform, you will have access to the Openbook social trading network, the platform on which thousands of traders are present and can be copied. Etoro as a social trading network has simply taken inspiration from social networks such as Facebook and allows its members to discuss with each other publicly in relation to investments made for example and everything that affects far or near the markets Financial institutions.

Being the peculiarity of Etoro that is social trading, this broker is among the most recommended brokers on the internet and especially for beginners. This is logical since social trading allows you to select traders yourself and copy them, without having knowledge of the financial markets. A copier can simply study trading statistics and decide whether or not to allocate a portion of its assets to a trader.

When you see a trader profile with the right statistics, then you can copy it literally. By choosing to copy it the trading platform will automatically recopy the operations that the trader will execute (and close). This is how in recent years the eToro forex broker has become a way to earn money by taking advantage of the knowledge and abilities of others and completely free of charge.

And yes, of course, copying the investments of other traders is free, in fact like any broker, eToro is paid on a spread levied on each transaction you realize. Given the incredible number of people involved in social trading, eToro pocketed a large amount of spread, which enabled it to pay its "popular investors" as a result of their massive copy on the social trading network. If traders win copying, the popular investors (or gurus) win and the broker makes money too, it is roughly how one can characterize the business model of the eToro broker.

Etoro is an excellent forex broker, whether you are a beginner, an intermediary or an expert trader, this broker is perfect if you want to invest in the financial markets and offers complete but simple trading tools. Note that an eToro account opening is possible from only € 200.